vantaggi della carta da parati
01 Feb

We look at the advantages of the wallpaper instead of traditional home wall painting. Here are some good reasons for choosing it.

Painting or wallpaper? A question that may caught unprepared in the choice of furniture for a home environment. Baby Interior Design, for years experts in the wall decoration for children rooms, and also landed in the world of wallpaper with our project Baby Interior Design Wallpaper, will expose the application of wallpaper benefits.

Why choosing the wallpaper

The advantages of wallpaper make this a very interesting alternative technique, not only for the aesthetic aspect. First we will have a wide choice in scenic composition, being able to choose from many subjects and effects available. For unique and customized furniture solutions. We can obviously even apply it only to certain rooms of the house, or even just a few walls. The wallpaper has a longer life than the traditional painting, making it particularly advantageous. There are also other technical aspects for which the wallpaper is more practical, as its washability. So, for minor damage, this can be remedied in an absolutely economic way and without accidents. Moreover, its covering action allows to make invisible some defect of the walls, thus providing a solution to many imperfections.

The advantages of Baby Interior Design Wallpaper

Baby Interior Design, a company founded in 2013 for the decoration of children’s rooms, has identified additional benefits. Having been a strong demand from all over Italy for its subjects, it wanted to produce them in wallpaper. In this way, thanks to the convenience of shipments, it was able to reach everyone across the country and abroad with its subjects. This is how Baby Interior Design Wallpaper is born.

Discover our catalog and make unique the bedroom of your children!

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