30 Nov

Baby Interior Design Wallpaper has developed new exclusive models of children wallpaper. Discover our imaginative and colorful novelty.

Baby Interior Design Wallpaper shows you the new models of children wallpaper that it has developed for you. We are always at work to study and design new models that will give you the inspiration to decorate the children’s bedroom. New subjects and new patterns that will positively stimulate the activity of your children.


Gilberto is a cute baby elephant who really likes to play with the bubbles, especially if they are colored. In fact he blows hundreds of bubbles from his trunk, splattering green, yellow, orange, pink and blue on the entire wall.


The garden of wonders

A wonderful tropical garden welcomes animals of the savannah, which seem to have finally found a way to all get along. Everyone lives with a serene smile on the face, without even jostling to drink at the stream.

The infinity

A children wallpaper to explore the world and beyond. From the land where animals live, to the ocean of fishes, and the skies where the airplanes fly. And further still, where satellites, astronauts and funny aliens floating, and then the moon and the stars.


Under the sea

Have you ever seen a submarine (yellow, of course) commanded by a brown bear? This also happens in our wallpaper fantasies. And you should see the crew! A rabbit, a lion and a polar bear. A trip down the depths worthy of the best fairy tales.


Nina has ventured into the forest, and found many animal friends to welcome her. A bear has offered to take her on his back, and other great and small creatures are following her. So Nina has discovered how much may be beautiful and enchanting the night too.



Villeneuve is a nice flower fantasy, with pink shades. A more generic and discreet subject, for those who do not want to give a too explicit fantasy, but neither wants uniform walls. Villeneuve will always fit perfectly.

Baby Interior Design Wallpaper is always working to create new beautiful models. Discover our entire collection!

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